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Five Duets for the Beginning Musician (Volume 1) - Bb Clarinets/Trumpets

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Grade/Difficulty: 1
Solo Instrument & Small Ensemble: Mixed Instrumentation


Miller Music Creations is proud to present this series of five duets for clarinets and/or trumpets. You can use these for clarinets exclusively, trumpets exclusively, or you can mix and match. These are Grade 1 and vary between 16 and 32 measures in length. Sitting at 1 to 1.5 minutes long each, these duets are great resources for your beginning band students for use in a solo/ensemble setting. Repeats are optional.

There are only a couple notes that cross the break in one of the duets, so your clarinetists should have no major issues in that regard. They are NOT ordered by difficulty.
  1. Tip-Toeing Around the Trumpets - 16 measures (with D.C al fine); 4/4 time; C Major
  2. A Minor Inconvenience - 16 measures; 3/4 time; G Minor
  3. Clash of the Titans - 16 measures (repeat optional); 4/4 time; D Minor
  4. Garden Waltz - 24 measures (binary form, repeats optional); 3/4 time; G Major
  5. Hop to It! - 32 measures (with D.C al fine); 2/4 time; C Major


- PDF of Duets (Single File)

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