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It's no secret that music programs have to struggle to survive. Dwindling arts budgets, declining concert attendance, public apathy, and a wide variety of other issues plague our ability to make music for the community to enjoy. Additionally, purchasing sheet music is increasingly becoming cost prohibitive, especially for larger groups since most publishers prohibit or greatly restrict making copies even in educational settings. Furthermore, as ensembles begin to grow back after a pandemic, they need flexibility in literature selection and has pushed ensembles to find ways to perform virtually, licensing for music to be used in a virtual settings can run upwards of hundreds or even thousands of dollars (often with very little to show for it), essentially decimating any funds a program may have at its disposal.

The music needs for schools and community ensembles have changed, and the music publishing industry needs to evolve to address them. Teachers and directors need to be able to select fun and engaging repertoire they don't need to worry about being sued over if it's performed in person or online.

That's where we come in! Miller Music Creations offers affordable and accessible sheet music and curriculum, designed with you in mind (and NOT our bottom line!).

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